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"Seamless and low stress experience. Plenty of time to take care of all necessary items. Online portal a huge help. Instagram account is a great idea too."
"So far no issues, would suggest to be more on the lookout to enforce the NO SMOKING RULE since a lot of people tale advantage of their balconies"
"I've been here 6 mos now and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I feel safe everywhere I go on the property. The apartments have good insulation from hearing all the goings on with your neighbors. The staff of Alexan Crossings that I've dealt with have been positive, friendly and helpful. The grounds are kept up immaculately. I love seeing all the pics shared by the residents and I can't wait to experience more community events once we get past COVID lockdowns."
"Awesome leasing agent, Bri is the sole reason my application and move in process was so smooth. Beautiful apartment to live in, highly recommend this place."
"I love it! It has been. So nice living here and getting to know the people here. Love the amenities and everything else available at this complex."
"This place has been great to work from home at. It’s very quiet and calm. It’s also in a great area for walks which is a plus during these times."
"Everything is great but the noise from our upstairs neighbors are horribly loud and we will probably not be renewing because of it. But the staff is amazing."
"Seven month resident update. The complex itself is still pretty nice though we have some issues. The first issue is the apartment complex itself does not have a lot of signage which helps distinguishing itself from Axis 110 across the street. Had multiple occasions with delivery drivers that go to the wrong apartment because they could not tell which complex is which. Another issue we have is with packages that need to be delivered, especially with usps. There needs to be more signs stating that they must deliver it to the residents front door if the package does not fit in the lockers or management needs to get in contact with usps to file a request that they deliver to residents door if it doesn’t fit in the locker. The final issue is that there are some residents who play spikeball in the courtyard, I understand that the courtyard is open to all residents but it’s not meant for people to play a full on sport in. It gets very loud and it limits anyone else from using the courtyard."
"Besides our rude downstairs neighbor who charged upstairs to yell at us AND then wrote us a letter asking us to try really really hard not to drop things from 6pm-4am, the random excessive running in the hallway, the fast and furious garage drivers and storage/car break-ins, this community is great."
"Love these apartments ! The cleanliness, the gas stoves , the floor plan & the view is awesome ! It’s sad I have to leave as my kids have to drive a lot to work bu me personally love this place !"
"Good experience so far...very spacious and nifty...interior design is nice...area is in a nice location where you can walk, run, eat and shop"
"Had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ms Jenn Sherman. Ms Jenn was willing to work with my schedule for me secure the apartment. Thanks"
"I think this place is great in terms of price and location. You can’t beat the nice trail close by and all the shops and grocery within walking distance. Ofcourse anytime you are near a train station, crimes are a bit higher and I think there could be more the building management can do to ensure safety. Like employing more camera or stricter policy on guest parking. I am appreciative of the maintenance team and they do a great job with keeping the building clean (so needed since we have so many litterbug residents)."
"It was alright. Maintenance was pretty quick if I needed something changed and the unit was fine. The floors were hard to keep clean. The type of “wood” they used has to be cleaned at least 3x just to get sticky spots up, regardless of what you spill. The leasing office is usually pretty helpful but there is 1 person who is super unfriendly and you can just hear the annoyance and attitude in his voice. Even when I was moving in I had to reach out multiple times because I wouldn’t hear anything for days, even if I had sent a question."
"I simply love living in Alexan Crossing. amenities are by far better than other places that my friends live in. Living at the Alexan Crossing this past year has been great. I have absolutely no complaints. After moving from a student apartment complex where I had countless problems, moving to AC was like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is so nice and maintenance does an awesome job at fixing any problems in a timely manner. I 100 recommend this apartment complex."
"Great place! Love taking my dog to the dog run they have on site. Also they have done a lot of gifts for holidays and even had an appreciation week for us it was cool!"
"Great experience! From start to finish it was a very easy and awesome process. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new place."
"overall a great apartment with amazing staff. I have enjoyed living here for the past couple of months, wish they had a bit more gym equipment."
"So far so very good. Very nice apartments and amenities for residents. Staff was helpful and thorough during move in process. All maintenance requests have been answered promptly."
"They are nice, clean, and comfortable. Pool view is everything. Staff is very organized and patient with you. Quiet area. I would recommend to anyone"
"I’ve never lived in an apartment, but I love it here! It’s quiet and so close to everything. I’m quite excited to see the activities that are available during the summer."
"Very nice employees, extremely clean and well kept apartment complex. Very excited to move in and call it my home for the next year or so. Can’t wait to move in"
"Great apartment community!! Very rarely have any issues at home, and if there are any, gets an immediate help. Community is clean and all the staff is great and always greets you with a smile."
"Been here over an year now, it’s an amazing experience. Appreciate management and maintenance teams for quick response and timely notifications always."
"Its ok but need to improve the management of the property. The ratio of residents to managers is not sufficient for proper operation of the property."
"Wonderful location! It is easy access to downtown Dallas and north Dallas cities! Super quiet community with great residents! Apartments are nicell!"
"We really appreciate all the ward work from the Alexan Crossings Team before, during and after the winter storm. The only thing that I don’t like right now, it’s that we noticed new residents smoking tobacco and marihuana in balconies or the garage area. =\"
"Was not the usual luxury apt experience. Too many issues with cleanliness. Office staff is lovely, but there's definitely work to be done. Management should focus more on the resident experience ."
"I gave 4 stars out of 5. First reason, mainly because I really like our staff members. They were always willing to help me whenever I needed an assist weather leasing agreement, maintenance service, etc. I always got assist from Brad and whenever his not in the office, Brea were always there to assist me. Only complain that I have about this apartment complex is the noise and also people driving too fast between these two Alexan Apartment. But other than no complains."
"Only been here a week but the proximity to Cityline restaurants and the Dart station are super convenient. Apartments themselves are very nice but could use more storage space."
"I love living here! I use the gym every day, and the pool is awesome in the summer time. It is also in a perfect location very close to a lot of restaurants and leisure activities."
"Satisfied with apartment and location still after a year. Thin wall and floor are the only main complaint and stressful part everyday and wanting to look for alternative options. I guess we have to be lucky to have caring neighbor.."
"Alexan Crossings has been a great community for me. I’ve had very limited issue with my apartment, maintenance, and staff. Any issues that I have had were resolved fairly quickly. This complex has been doing a good job handling everything during Covid. One thing I that could’ve improved pre-covid is more community events. That doesn’t take away from the complex at all. Overall 5 stars."
"Great experience! Staff was very helpful when touring and very communicative Maintenance staff has always been top tier in terms of service level"
"Great community management they are prompt, courteous, friendly, and always professional. The property itself is Quiet and peaceful. One of the Best places I've lived in years."
"The staff has been amazing. They’ve been very helpful in setting me up for this apartment and have worked with me throughout the process. I’m happy to be part of the Alexan family"
"It’s been a decent place to live this last year. Maintenance could be a whole lot better but with covid it’s a bit different. The staff outside of maintenance has been pretty awesome"
"Alexan Crossings, was the first of many apartment homes that I looked at. i have to say they may it very difficult on everyone after that because they provided such excellent service. They were prepared for my arrival, the property was beautiful, and the apartment is perfect for my little family. I am excited to move in!"
"Representative was really nice and help me with all the questions I have. Also gave me all the information I need and always there to whenever I have a question"
"We applied last Sunday and the process was so easy as well as the move in. We spent our first night in our new home and we love it so much! The area the property and the staff has been amazing! Thanks to all that made this move quick and easy for us"
"The best part of living here is the walkability to Whole Foods and other awesome retails near here. You are never far away from good restaurants and I really like the cityline park area to hang out. It’s also nice to be so close to a really great park that’s also within 10 min walking distance. Otherwise the location is great- but I think the sound problem in the apartment can be annoying. You can really hear sounds from all around and I think that’s why there’s so many noise complains they have to enforce"
"This community is great! Well maintained and super quiet! The amenities are kept really clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful also."
"Apartment complex update. After living here for a couple of months now and experiencing the complex I can say I’m relatively happy with my stay here so far. A couple of things though that have bothered me. I have noticed dog poop, whether it be in baggies or literally just on the floor, just left in the resident hallways and stairwells as if the dog owners didn’t care at all that they left their dogs poop out on the floor. I’m pretty sure other residents including myself would like to be able to walk down the halls/stairs and not have to worry about walking around dog poop. Another issue is our gate to get in and out of the parking garage is constantly broken and just left open. Always makes me feel a little nervous since anyone can just walk right in when the gates are broken."
"My experience has been amazing so far! I've only been a resident for a short time, but I can already tell that I am going to love my time here. I've been touring the property to familiarize myself with the amazing amenities. I used the gym for the first time and it was one of the best experiences ever."
"Nice amenities and wonderful staff! Brent is very kind and helpful with all of our requests. The locations is nicely located next to two highways for east access to work. Overall a great place to stay with a very clean property."
"The leasing process was really easy. So grateful for Brent for helping me out. The apartment that I am moving to is really nice and was very clean. So far no complaints"
"I love the apartment, but our upstairs neighbor is loud every night from 11PM to about 3AM. Anywhere from music, stomping, special activities. I’ve tried noise complaints but it doesn’t seem to help."
"The staff is really nice and they assist as much as they can when we reach out. Would love to see our patio redone though, since we moved in we have had nothing but mud with only promises from management that it will be fixed but it has been over 6 months since we moved in and we are still stuck with mud. Hopefully it will be looked into soon."
"beautiful apartment, nice finishes, but they send too many emails reminding about towing information, otherwise my favorite apartment i’ve lived in so far."
"So far so good! The apartment is great and the pups love the dog run area. Haven’t had any big issues and any issues get resolved quickly and with ease!"
"This is the best complex that I’ve lived at. My boyfriend and I really love how much it feels like home. The staff is great and the community is pretty quiet!"
"Very nice area which is close to the Dart rail, shopping and good dining. The staff at Alexan Crossing are very friendly, great customer service and environment is very clean!"
"In between because what I may experience now could be different at my 6 month mark of living here. I feel like I can’t gauge my experience because if I did have a problem or something was addressed, I would hope from the time it was addressed to my 6 month mark things would be better."
"I love living here. If I have any maintenance problems they fix the problem right away. The staff is very friendly. I miss talking to them face to face due to COVID."
"The property is beautiful but the management & staff are unprofessional, impersonal & cold. They need to up their game in customer service."
"It’s been well so far can’t believe it’s almost been a year. Maintenance was always reliable, when I called the office I usually got ahold of the property manager who assist me right then and there. Paying rent was simple."
"This community is very clean and most of staffs in leasing office are so kind. However, valet trash is little bit uncomfortable. Pick-up time is around 9pm and resident should put trash out around 8pm. I think it is not good time for people who work until late night. I hope pick-up time need to be changed on morning time."
"Nice and quite apartment complex. Neighbors are nice. Clean community that's dogs friendly and has lots of amenities for dogs as well. Highly recommend"
"This is the second unit I have lived in here after I renewed my lease and I am very pleased with the layout in my new unit. All of the amenities are great!"
"This place has been great to live in especially during quarantine. It’s quiet so we can work throughout the day which is a must. We like the apartments and amenities are great just wish valet trash charge wasn’t mandatory since we have never used it before."
"We are grateful to be living here. We have had bug issues and but you all have tried to assist and we appreciate it. We would however love to see the building be cleaned more often with Covid. And maybe some more events, breakfast was the first since we moved in in June but it was so awesome!"
"I love this complex! Me and my 2 year old daughter always feel so safe and the office is always taking care of us with any maintenance requests we have or just general questions. Love it here!"
"Excellent! It is a wonderful community and the staff has been so helpful. The community is located with so many surrounding amenities! Love the nearby dog park!"
"Everything is great about this apartment complex. I really like the fact that it's close to everywhere such as like grocery stores, dart, highway, and many restaurants/bars. But one of the most I really like about this apartment are the staff members, Brent & Bre. Both always assist if I needed anything or to request that needs to be fix the issue right away. Also, they treat me like a family. Only down fall about this complex is the noise... Too many drivers too fast, dumpsters pick up, and the walls are very thin."
"I recommend this community for the great amenities, wonderful staff, and amazing neighborhood. I am so glad we chose this apartment and we have had a lot of happy moments here since 2019."
"Covid-19 Update: I would like to add that all Covid protocols are well followed in Alexan Crossing and we never felt insecure and unsafe during this pandemic."
"I've only been here for 3 weeks but everything has been great. People are friendly and I always feel safe when I am out and about in the complex."
"We are really happy that the administration took care of the problem with roaches in the complex. I would love to see the hallways been cleaned more often. And I really appreciate when the staff let us know if the fire alarm is being tested, so we don’t freak out and can take our dog out of the apartment (the noise is too loud for her). Thank you guys! Stay safe."
"Very prompt responses here, the mailroom is spotless, well done 👍🏼 This building is very safe too, police cars roaming around every night. Sad that the burger place down is closing 😢"
"It has been well over a year since I moved in and still loving all the experiences with this place, only wish I had more caring neighbor upstairs.."
"I’ve been living at the community since it first opened. I haven’t really experienced any issue here. The one problem I did have has been attended to since. Great staff, great amenities, great community."
"This complex is awesome! All of our maintenance requests are resolved quickly, usually the next day. I love that we can walk to Wholefoods and other nearby Cityline restaurants by Statefarm. Life here as been great with no issues, even when spending 6 days/week at home."
"Property management provides thorough information regarding their processes and keeps their word. Thats very important to me as a new tenant"
"The staff is friendly, maintenance is quick, and the facilities are beautiful. The only confusing thing is the navigation of the building for package delivery. I wish the parking garage had larger signs/maps at the entrance to help people understand how to deliver mail and how guests should park. I have had Amazon fail to deliver about 7 packages by now. Lastly, I am facing the courtyard side and I wish the tree lights could get dimmer after midnight instead of shining directly into the tenant windows. And I wish the Bluetooth speakers in the garden could lower the bass, or at least wait to turn them on until after 12pm on the weekends."
"I really love how peaceful, welcoming, and enjoyable this community is. I enjoy all of the amenities in the apartments. The leasing office is great. I would recommend Alexan to anyone."
"I don’t like how the staff it’s hard to get a hold of. You always leave a message and their response is always a day or two later. The community app also doesn’t help much either as the response these is even more spotty. Also I don’t like how our recycles are left in the garage when the crew comes to pick it up - why do th he leave it there instead of putting it in the trash the same night ?"
"I can hear my upstairs neighbor whenever they move, When we first moved here we never heard anyone I guess someone just moved on top of us but it sounds like they be having a tap dancing lessons of their"
"Currently going for almost 3 yrs living here. Maintenance team responda super quickly to everything!! Would stay here forever, good area, nice apartments"
"very good apartments to live at. very quiet. staff is friendly and care about the residents. Amenities are clean and great to use. would recommend to friends and family."
"Alexan Crossings is an upscale city living setup and experience. We are thoroughly enjoying our stay here. The apartment complex is secure in all regards. The secure garage parking is an added bonus to the residents."
"Great, quiet place to live, everyone is easy to get along with and the office is always sending emails letting us be a part of the events. I am really enjoying my stsy here so far."
"At first I was super excited about the new apartment but I have now realized for the price we pay for our 2 bedroom 2 bath, we have missed out on a few things. We didn’t get certain things I had hoped for in our apartment community that a lot of residents have which is wood flooring, good lighting and a metal railing that makes the porch look much better then the cement wall we have covering our porch. We do however love the updated kitchen and spacious bathrooms and closets."
"Great so far! Enjoying being a new resident where I live near so many amenities and resources. Taking a walk around here is good too. I hope to end up staying here in the future."
"So since moving in we’ve had construction 75% of the time we have lived here. Every morning they are drilling right below our apartment and it’s so loud that we also cannot put our newborn to sleep as it wakes him up. Mix that in with the random fire alarms and gas alarms going off and sleep is non existent. I also work from home and the drilling is effecting my job. The maintenance team also doesn’t listen or read the requests and they walked right into my apartment without knocking. When there is special instructions they need to be followed."
"Perfect Location to get wherever you want in the north Dallas Area. Covered Parking Garage is a welcome benefit. The staff is extremely friendly and always polite."
"Great apartments overall! AT&T fiber and gas stove. Friendly staff and a good maintenance team. Lovely pool and BBQ area. Could use better security for external doors. Very energy efficient appliances. Just months our light bill is under $50!"
"I had a good experience with this community. The staff is friendly and helpful they worked with me to get the application processed and approved."
"Nice place to be, hallways are kept clean and I never really have any worries about the place I live. The fact my living conditions never really occupy my mind means the complex is doing things right. Not a fan of drivers in the garage speeding and cutting corners but that’s more on the residents than the complex. If measures were implemented to prevent this it would be perfect."
"Love it here! Great amenities and location. The apartments are very nice. Definitely luxury living. Lots to do in the area, shopping, dining, hiking."
"We love it here. Always have great parking. Never have any issues. Any maintenance is taken care of quickly! Our dogs have made lots of friends too!"
"The apartments at Alexan Crossing are very nice, modern style and luxury living at reasonable prices. The apartments also have a lot of nice amenities and the staff is amazing!"
"Get neighborhood Convenient for work Dog friendly Great balcony WiFi is perfect Convenient mailbox Great restaurants near by Easy access to freeway."
"All the amenities are great. I like the styles of interior of each room. Only down fall is too noisy and thin walls. But other than that I like it. Especially front staff members. Brent & Bre"
"I am so glad that we have been living here for one year now and it was a wonderful experience. During the past year, I've never felt insecure or unsatisfied. We will stay for the next year, all pleasure is mine!"
"I didn’t personally have to deal with the staff because my domestic partner handled everything. This would be 5 stars if communication was better. Other than that it’s A1. Bret or Brent has helped us get situated. I thank you from the bottom of my existence for assisting us."
"I like this place very much. It has good amenities and the office staff is very prompt and helpful with any issues. All maintenance requests are handles immediately."
"an amazing place to stay. I would recommend this place to friends and family. clean amenities, friendly staff and quick response with services."
"All my interaction has been great when dealing with this property. My request for maintenance ance are always answered within the 24 hour timeframe"
"Such a fun place to live! By far the best place I've stayed in the last 5 years as far as location goes as well as amenities. Thanks for having us!"
"Love it !!!!! I’ve always wanted a Studio apartment ..and I finally have it.. can’t wait to continue this journey at Alexan !!!! I would definitely recommend this apartment to others.."
"Enjoying living here, everything is great, but the mail room has a serious Cockroach issue, every time I go there, I find dead cockroaches (at least 4) on the the ground!"
"Love it so far! Our two pups have enjoyed meeting all the other pups. It’s a great area to walk to restaurants and other amenities. I would recommend!"
"Do something about roaches seen all over building and inside hallways d ew d and Alice. Clean spiders from stairwell. Add mirrors to garage to prevent car accidents."
"Amazing Staff very well organized and helpful. From move in tell now great service. Alexan Crossing is a great location for walking and central to my jobsite."
"Nice modern apartments but not al rules are enforced. Amenities are nice but maintenance on them takes a very long time and shouldn’t for the price paid."
"I live here for almost a year. I have to say I really enjoy staying here. 1. Facilities: I love the decoration at first glance when I decided to move in. Everything looks new and function well. It is fantastic that this apartment have wash machine and dryer 2. Staff: Staffs in the leasing office and fixing are helpful and nice. 3. Complex facilities: Meeting room, pool area, playing area, and gym are functional and good in design. 4. Securities: I can tell the leasing office try their best to provide good security. I love our garage which only open to residents. However, the side door still needs repair (everyone can come in). Overall, I don't feel any threaten when living here."
"This has been a great place to rent. Very organized and looks like the management team has good intentions to keep this place healthy. Quick responses and timely service."
"The location of Alexan crossings is amazing: near the DART, and in the beautiful Cityline! The rooms are very sleek and spacious and make for very comfortable living. The club room has a pool table and printer, both which are great pluses! The leasing office was very friendly and welcoming while trying to sell it to us and select members of the team have continued to be that way the entire time we have been living here! They respond to emails in a somewhat timely manner and are always helpful. The amenities looked much nicer upon first glance but our perceptions changed after moving in. The dog run reeks of dog urine, the dog was did not work for the first month we were here and now that it does, I am not pleased with it. The water pressure settings do not change and the temperature is very difficult to adjust. My pup prefers our bathtub which is what I was trying to avoid. The pool maintenance is taking a really long time, which is most likely not Alexan’s fault but I wish it were done sooner! Another thing I am not satisfied with, is the fact that residents cannot park in the first floor parking. It is considered “retail” parking but the closest retail is burger IM and there are tons of always open spots in front of that. I doubt that many people walking to the restaurants at Cityline will park here when there is a free parking garage right by those restaurants. Therefore, the first floor should be free for residents to park at. I have had a good experience living here but the reason for my minor complaints and lower rating Is that most of the apartments around us at Cityline offer very similar rates but do all of these mentioned things better."
"My boyfriends car was parked out front of the leasing office. His window was shattered from a rock hitting his window while lawn service was mowing. Luckily Alexan was very responsive and got me in contact with the lawn service and they payed to replace his window"
"Satisfied with most of experience. Wish to have more security within building. Next door neighbor's noises is bit of concern but i might be just unlucky this time."
"Love the area and the staff has been great. Noise level between apartments can be a bit too loud sometimes but overall a pretty good place to live."
"It has been a good experience so far. Would like the administration to increase surveillance to ensure rules are being complied like people smoking on patios or no big gatherings"
"So far it has been a good 2 years. There is room for improvement on sound proof and gardening/bug spraying. I would also suggest that the Administration enforces rules a little bit more, especially on smokers. But overall good experience"
"This is a good community with lots of retail and restaurants within walking distance. You are steps away from the train station which is a huge plus for commuters."
"I’ve just moved to this place about two weeks ago and honestly, I’m very satisfied so far! I love the location because everything is so close!"
"We love living in this community and calling this our home. The leasing staff and the resident service is great. We love it so much that we decided to extend our lease further.."
"Always ready and willing to help during this entire situation. Have been transparent with any changes to requirements and reinforcing them in full."
"Great service. Great amenities. Whenever there is an issue in the apartment, the handyman will fix it in a timely manner. They are doing well during the pandemic."
"I feel like the rent is very high considering that one of the reasons why I chose this fancier apartment was because of the amenities. It’s hard to justify paying the additional cost when we don’t have access to them. Also, the cleanliness of certain areas was not great. I have seen trash in certain locations for a week. I know residents should not be trashing the apartment but it should not be on me to finally decide to clean it up since it didn’t look like anyone else was. I am only giving it 2 stars because the apartment is still nice although I have paid less for something equivalent."
"Love Alexan crossing. Only thing is that our bikes were stolen which was upsetting due to no cameras are anywhere to see who did it. But the staff is great and the apartments are nice."
"This is a great community. It is very well maintained. It is in a good location, close to tons of great restaurants and a nice walking trail."
"Please add mirrors in the garage so we can see around the turns. Also my boyfriends car gets broken into often even after security cameras were installed."
"You guys are awesome!!! Brent, Jennifer, Bree....always so proactive and ready to help! I love the quiet place by the courtyard and enjoy my time listening to the waterfall"
"Staff is friendly and worked with me to find an apartment before moving. Move in process was easy and complex has been responsive to issues."
"No problems at all. In fact amazing views and clean community makes living here awesome. Have had no issues within the apartment so far. Very convenient place to live at."
"The area is awesome and I’ve loved the complex! The workers are awesome and courteous, the employees who take out the trash are awesome, neighbors are cool to get to know and are pet friendly, and the amenities are beautiful."
"This is a great apartment complex. It is very modern and up-to-date. The staff is kind and helpful. Unfortunately a lot of the community rules are not enforced well (smoking, pool rules, etc)."
"A really nice community to live in. Super friendly staff and helpful when it comes to anything. Super clean complex with top of the lines Amenities."
"Love it it's been great and the area is really nice we go running at the park every morning and I have never had any issues since I have moved in!"
"It's beautiful here! Leasing office staff are super nice. and do follow up with any issues you may have. Maintenance has quick turnarounds, and amenities are updated/current."
"How nice Brent was when he showed me the unit. How spacious my unit is for a 685 sf and very stylish, extra large kitchen, bedroom and bathroom which I need, love it."
"Living in Alexan Crossings has been one of the best if not the best living experience that I have had. The amenities are great, the pool and club room are very fun. But if I can be honest the gym could be slightly bigger and with more equipment."
"Great place to live. Pretty quite and great amenities. neighbors are extremely nice. There are new things being built next to the leasing office, which will be nice when they finish."
"Great place to be, only complaint is the lack of parking and the sheer number of unfilled reserved parking spaces. I would like for a more clear partition between the lanes in the parking garage as people drive in the center far too often. The complex is well kept and I don’t have any other complaints. It’s a nice place to live."
"Omg! The team here is AWESOME! They made my application process seamless & was always available to answer every question I had. And the move-in concessions they gave me were second to none!"
"It has been great so far! Easy transition and move in. The process was really easy and painless and they graciously offered 2 months free and allowed us to move in halfway through the month."
"Location is great and the staffs are truly amazing for doing their duties. My only concern about this apartment is the parking lot. I live in the first floor and I hate the fact that I have to sometime park on the 4th floor especially if I have bunch of grocery shopping bags. I have to sometime walk back and down 2 or if most 3 times. I won't able to complain about the walls since it is already built. But the walls are pretty thin where you could able to hear other people's conversation."
"Parking is SO dumb. Really disapointed in how it's been handled. Maintenance crew is top notch. "Locked" security gates should be functional. Grills are constantly dirty."
"Alexan Crossings is a great complex. It’s a great neighborhood, friendly staff, and awesome amenities. They are always willing to help. Great place to live!"
"We love it here!!!! Alexan is the best!! Staff is always available and friendly!! Been here over a year and no plans on moving!! Thanks Alexan for our amazing home!"
"I love living at Alexan Crossings! The team takes great care of the entire property, and are super friendly. The apartment is so nice, private, and really quiet most of the time. LOVE the gas cooking!"
"I live on the first floor and don't like the fact that I have to park on the 2nd floor because the entire 1st floor is for retail only. The "secure" bike locker is not locked and there are no cameras. I had a $2000 bike stolen out of there."
"So far so good we are in our 5th month after moving in and everything is going well. Though with the virus outbreak it’s inconvenient about the amenities but it’s for the safety of everyone"
"We really enjoy the neighborhood and how close the dog parks are. The front office is always so helpful but we need more food choices below lol."
"Brent is great and the office responds promptly when you ask for maintenance even during troubled times. Please make sure they are aware of my comments"
"Its a good location with all the amenities and good connectivity all across. DART station is nearby and whole foods is also walkable distance."
"The staff has been great. People have been so nice. The community is quite and no noise so far. Location is great. Trash valet is great and they have been on time."
"I absolutely adore this place. I find it easy to keep our place clean with our ceramic flooring and spacious living room and bedrooms! Perfect for our soon to come baby boy!"
"Everything has been wonderful so far. The move has been a smooth transition. I like the location of the apartment and what it offers for me."

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